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  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Happy Setsubun!

    This week we got to banish a demon by throwing beans at him! Hopefully everyone will listen to me a little bit better after this! No one cried but we were a…

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Art project & Mamemaki

    This week we started to work on a small art project for the upcoming festival. Our students are each at different levels, I decided to work on one small art piece that…

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Art, Dance and Demons

    As we draw ever closer to the art and performance festival we took some time off of our busy schedule to get chased around by a scary demon. We also did some…

  • 節分

    Setsubun and Monkey Hats

    This week we have still been working hard for the upcoming performance festival. We try on outfits and make sure they fit. We also had Setsubun this week. A big scary goblin…

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Almost performance and setsubun

    We had a special time with setsubun this week and lots of performance and art festival preparations.

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Rubik’s Cubes and Oni

    We are making our own Rubik’s cubes. Rubik’s cubes have six sides, so we have 54 little pictures to cut out and glue down. With pictures, it’s really hard to solve Rubik’s…