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  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Show and tell fun

    Once again show and tell is a favorite. We also did our usual studies.

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    ABC’s and Sharing

    This week we worked on our ABC writing and we also continued our learning to share and play nicely together amoung other things.

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Last week of may

    Once the rain stops we get to enjoy outside, but not only that, we are always having fun!

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Park Walk

    The Caterpillars really enjoyed getting out and exploring in the park. We even found a frog and some ladybugs!

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Red Torii Gate Painting

    The Butterflies poured their creative talents into a simple compositional watercolor painting, depicting a red torii gate. All of the pictures turned out uniquely beautiful. Well done Butterflies!

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Making a Story

    We have been working hard on our writing skills, so we decided to make a short story. Everyone wrote a little story and drew pictures. Some students already finished, but some might…

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Park walk and puzzle fun

    We had a caterpillar walk to the playground, it was a fun morning. We have been trying some new puzzles too.

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール



    【日時】2019年 8月26日(月) / 9月2日(月) / 9月12日(木) / 9月24日(火)

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    Field trip day

    It was raining, so we couldn’t go on the ladybug field trip. But, we got to enjoy our bento lunch at school! It was really good.

  • ラポルトインターナショナルスクール

    First field trip as Caterpillars

    We had an amazing day at Ichinomiya Tower Park. The kids loved getting out and had a lot of fun playing on the jungle gyms. We were all very tired after our…